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AR3A Speaker Restoration
  Untouched since new, these are the later style that require new surrounds after all this time. One tweeter was bad, but the cabinets are beautiful and the grilles are in great shape. The sound is excellent.

Here's how they looked with original surrounds and tweeters.

Tweeter on the left is dead.

Serial numbers are 55511 and 54368. Pots were mostly fine, so I just lightly cleaned them in place and put them back together.

Bibs in place for removing the woofer without damage.

Peeling the remaining glue off the masonite ring. There's a pile of glue next to my thumb.

Holding the center cap down. The ring is a gasket between the new surround and a mixing bowl I used to press on the gasket. The surrounds on these speakers protrude above the frame, so they can't be lain face down.
New caps for the crossover. I stapled a tie wrap to the crossover board and strapped down the caps.

Ready to re-stuff.

Finished, first time. Original tweeters still installed.

HiVi X1A tweeters, with modified inductors. These are .1 mh coils, but the spec is .07 mh. So 10 rounds of wire were removed.

Coils were glued on wood blocks to minimize interference with the magnets.

Mounting to the original bolt holes was going to be messy, so the tweeters were mounted with wood screws. Pilot holes were drilled, since tolerances are close.

The faceplate is cast aluminum.

Finished and sounding good.

New grill frames and covers. The one of the right was the first effort.

MDF is pretty stout and will accomodate cutting more material out of the center.

The material is natural hopsack linen from JoAnn Fabric, $5.39 a yard.